Head in the clouds

so I’ve been thinking about clouds and such lately, for a developer living in the Windows world (just as an OS – develop mostly in Java), i’m having a hard time thinking that Hadoop and other cloud platforms are going to make in roads into the mainstream …. so was poking around and realized that the way we develop for cloud computing is different .. the old way was to install locally and hit it … but in the spirit of the cloud .. (or actually more to the point “as-a-service”) … you can just develop to an already deployed cloud .. I read about VMWares new offering Serengeti (, looks pretty interesting …

Time to start looking at the new world … I think the early days of cloud development are coming to an end .. we’re going to start seeing higher level tool kits for MapReduce on ┬ámore platforms such as Windows and iSeries .. (now that MIcrosoft has adopted Hadoop in Azure, I’m sure we’ll start seeing lots of new offerings from them) ..

exciting times !!

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Great workout tonight, I wish I could do Kristina’s class every day..

I just need to work on my eating habits and fuel my body properly !!!

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My new blog

Never blogged before, but thought it might be interesting ….

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